About us

A perfect fit for your search – from analogue to digital

HeadQuest GmbH executive search is based at Ballindamm in Hamburg, so right at the heart of the metropolitan area. Since 2006 we have been advising and supporting companies throughout Europe in their searches for suitable new employees.
On top of this, we support and coach specialists and executives on their career paths both domestically and abroad. All this we do with great success.

Over the past few years, HeadQuest has grown continuously and has adapted dynamically to the new market conditions.
That means we recruit for positions that operate in both the online and offline environments or directly in the interface between the two.

Broad range of industries

As HR consultants, we are proven specialists without ties to individual industries. Rather, our portfolio reflects the increasing diversification of human resource management.


We adapt to the dynamic processes of the HR market and react flexibly to new challenges.
Here, our customers benefit from the fact that we, as an established company, are not only skilled in internet searches, but also in the “old-school” approach of personal enquiry and word of mouth.
This is a huge advantage when it comes to making contact more quickly and standing out from the general flood of offerings.

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Top references

The success rate of 98 percent for the conclusion of our Europe-wide search mandates in a wide variety of industries speaks for itself –and for HeadQuest.


Since our foundation a good 11 years ago, we have had to re-recruit for two positions only. And something else that we are particularly happy about:
Almost all our clients are connected to us through long-term collaborations based on trust.

We also cultivate close relationships with applicants we have placed, since many of them have since become clients of ours on the corporate side.

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“Choose a job you love,
and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


The team at HeadQuest